If you are looking for professional computer mockups, you’ve come to the right site. In this article, we’ve compiled a List of 10 Free Computer Mockup in 2021 to help you present your fantastic designs, crafts, and graphics in style. Let’s discover!

Why should you use Free Computer Mockup?

To begin with, all of the mockup templates are high-resolution, ensuring that your contents look even better than they currently do. Second, with the assistance of Photoshop and fully layered files, editing is a breeze. As a result, start downloading these amazing mockups and start making presentations that will inspire your audience. If you have the design ready, you can make things happen in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

Top Free Computer Mockup

Free Children Study on Computer at Home Vector Illustration Mockup

free children study on computer at home vector illustration mockup

The first mockup that we think it can make your designs become highlighted is Children Study on Computer at Home Vector Illustration Mockup. This mockup displays the images of a child is doing math homework. With a monitor, textbooks, a globe, a pencil, and a pen on the table will become highlighted. All you have to do now is save your artwork by placing it in the smart layers.

Free Old Computer Mockup

free old computer mockup

If you want to own a computer mockup that has a classic style, why don’t you try Old Computer Mockup? Back to the 1990s, 2000’s decade, this image could bring you back to the youth when the computer industry has released. Now, this mockup is one of the vintage and retro items that you should download.

Free Set of MacBooks In Summer Surroundings Mockup

free set of macbooks in summer surroundings mockup

Free Set of MacBooks In Summer Surroundings Mockup is one of the best choices for you to download and install for your site right now. It is mainly because this mockup features a pot of trees beside a computer, which makes this photo become more realistic. In addition, you also can replace color and add more details about your company and brand in your own way.

Free iMac in Office Spring Setting Mockup

free imac in office spring setting mockup

The iMac is the high-end line of high-end desktops that Apple designs. This design provides a compact device by combining the screen and the PC into one product, resulting in computer device quality that is synchronous and easy to use. Let’s explore and enjoy it!

Free Office iMac 27 Mockup

free office imac 27 mockup

Another mockup that you shouldn’t miss is Office iMac 27 Mockup. This mockup shows an iMac 27, it has many smart and modern features. Besides, this design is a line of high-end desktop computers that Apple designs, manufactures, and supplies in the market. Last but not least, it also provides a high-quality configuration with additional filter effects.

Free I Mac Mockup

free i mac mockup

Some people still prefer desktop computers to laptops, and this computer mockup of an iMac setup will get you up and running in no time. Whether it’s a web application, an online store, or even a basic blog design that you want to show off on an iMac, now is the time to do so. Furthermore, you’ll have a full-fledged, life-like demonstration ready to go in just a few moments. You may also add text and a graphic to the mockup to make it more interesting.

Free 2021 iMac 24inch Mockup

The 2021 iMac 24inch Mockup is top-quality comes with 7 colors that you should experience. This mockup allows you to present your UI/UX design in a photorealistic style. Thanks to the support of smart layers, you have the ability to edit the background and color in order to suit your requirements.

Free iMac PSD Mockup

free imac psd mockup

The next suggested computer mockup for you is iMac Free PSD Mockup. This iMac arrangement will always deliver a flawless and eye-catching presentation of your visuals. It’s a photo-realistic computer mockup with all the essential details you’d find on a typical workstation. With that in mind, the end result will undoubtedly pique everyone’s curiosity. When you add your exceptional works to it, you elevate the presentation to a whole new level.

Free New iMac 24 Inch Display Mockup

free new imac 24 inch display mockup

Sure, you may have the best design in the world, but when it comes to presentation, it all comes to a screeching halt. Don’t be concerned! By using this mockup, you can start things moving in a professional manner. Simply download this iMac mockup template and begin experimenting with its features right now. With the help of the smart object layer, you can insert your app design or any other graphic in your own desire.

Free iMac with Keyboard on wooden Desk Mockup

free imac with keyboard on wooden desk mockup

The last mockup we are going to introduce for you right now is iMac with Keyboard on wooden Desk Mockup. This mockup shows a home office scene with an iMac on a wooden desk. A high-resolution PSD file with a smart layer that makes designing and editing a breeze. Now is the time to get the template and start using it using Photoshop.


To summarise, we have listed to List of 10 Free Computer Mockup in 2021 which is perfect and modern on the market. You can use this mockup both for personal or commercial use of free charge. Let’s experience these mockups. Furthermore, you can get more Free Computer Mockups here. Thanks for reading!

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