A room mockup is ideal for presenting children’s/kids’ room interior design, bedrooms, and living rooms in a realistic setting. This form of mockup may be more difficult to create than a product mockup. It is mainly because every detail can be changed or removed to match your needs. There are numerous great room mockups available that will draw attention to your work as well as enable you to build a unique design presentation. In this article, we’ve put up a Collection of 10 Free Room Mockup in 2021 for you.

Why is the Free Room Mockup important for your site?

Thanks to the assistance of a smart object layer, this mockup allows you to present your images or artworks according to your desire. A wonderful mockup template to helps you present your artwork in the living room in a photorealistic manner. By using this mockup, you have the ability to display your artwork, prints, or photos in a real room interior with ease. As a result, a beautiful room will add elegance to your interior decor.

Top Free Room Mockup

Free Kids Room Photo Frame Mockup

free kids room photo frame mockup

The first room mockup that we think it can make your designs become highlighted is Kids Room Photo Frame Mockup. This mockup lets you present your photos or artworks with the support of a smart object layer. Moreover, the light color of the background can make the collection of cards become attractive and remarkable.

Free Artist Room Frame Mockup

free artist room frame mockup

If you are looking for a way to show off your images or artworks, then check out this one of the best and stunning Artist Room Frame Mockup. This is an elegant and peaceful mockup that easily captures the attention of customers at the first glance. With light, desk, and picture frames decorated in the background, the room will become highlighted. All you need to do is put your artwork in the smart layers and save it.

Free Poster In The Master Bedroom Mockup

free poster in the master bedroom mockup

The next suggested room mockup for you is Poster In The Master Bedroom Mockup. Although this furniture is designed simply, you can still make it become more appealing by using smart layers and customize it in your own style. Furthermore, you can easily create a unique design presentation by changing the colors, graphics, and foundations to meet your needs.

Free Picture Frames in Living Room Mockup

free picture frames in living room mockup

Picture Frames in Living Room Mockup is a free gorgeous mockup template designed will let you present your artwork in the living room in a photorealistic look. This is designed with furniture in a small living room scene showing a variety of picture frames. Especially, this mockup is hassle-free to download and customize to produce the ideal product for your needs.

Free Framed Picture in Living Room Mockup

free framed picture in living room mockup

Another free mockup we think you should try is Framed Picture in Living Room Mockup. This mockup is a visual element that you should use if you want to promote your latest artwork in a more beautiful and professional way. Displaying your artwork in this frame is a perfect solution to increase the sale rate of your artwork effectively.

Free Sofa in Living Room Mockup

free sofa in living room mockup

Do you desire to own an elegant room mockup to make an impression on your clients? Let’s give Sofa in Living Room Mockup a shot because it won’t let you down. A stylish model with a completely furnished wooden shelf and a sofa in front that is one of a kind. This mockup presents a modern model with a basic but striking design. On the ground of this, the white color of the sofa adds to the sumptuous feel of the room.

Free Realistic TV of Living Room Mockup

free realistic tv of living room mockup

Another useful mockup is the Realistic TV of Living Room Mockup, which you can use to your heart’s content. This mockup is neatly created with big plasma TV on the flat gray wall and a black stand. Last but not least, this mockup is hassle-free to download and design to create the best product for your own. Let give it a look!

Free Rubber Fig Plant In An Empty Room Mockup

free rubber fig plant in an empty room mockup

Rubber Fig Plant In An Empty Room Mockup is a nice free design with a wonderful color scheme. This design might help you make a good first impression on your audience. By using this mockup, you can alter the paper and color to fit your product with the help of a smart object layer. You should download it right now to use it perfectly.

Free Framed Poster on Bedroom Wall Mockup

free framed poster on bedroom wall mockup

This scene of this mockup shows a drab-looking room with a blurb on the divider. Besides, the collection of frames, beds, lighting will assist you in capturing the attention of an audience and creating an excellent advertisement of your talent. Plus, you can even modify the furniture and wall color to match your product. In conclusion, this mockup should not be overlooked.

Free Wall Of Living Room Mockup

free wall of living room mockup

The last mockup in this collection today is the Wall Of Living Room Mockup. The picture frame is set up in front of the room, giving the entire experience a natural feel. It can be used to improve the visual attractiveness of your home or business. If you witness this frame in real life, I believe that you want not to miss it. Besides, you can design it with colors, shapes, smart layers to create the finest possible output.


We have compiled a collection of 10 Free Room Mockups in 2021, which is ideal and contemporary on the market. This mockup is easy to use for both personal and business purposes. I hope you enjoy it!

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