Free Kraft Stationery Set Mockup

Introducing the exquisite Kraft Stationery Set Mockup – a set of 8pcs vintage kraft paper writing letter stationery, adding a touch of romance to your letters. This beautiful set comes with a feather pen and a round pencil holder with a vintage metal design, making it perfect for school and office use.

In addition, this set includes geometric stencils for painting on various surfaces such as wood, walls, tiles, canvas, paper, fabric, and floors. The set contains 6 pieces with intricate geometric designs.

The Kraft Stationery Set Mockup also includes a kraft paper conveyor, old kraft paper vector, and grass vector layers, making it perfect for craft projects. The set also comes with a realistic craft logo mockup, making it ideal for gifting.

This stationery set is available for purchase on the Jarir Bookstore website, which is the leading seller of Arabic and English books, office supplies, drawing and handicraft supplies, and children’s development products.

Additionally, this set comes with a drawing of a sewage, plumbing, and hydraulics template, made with inking pens or piston pencils, and is scaled at 1:50.

Furthermore, the Kraft Stationery Set Mockup contains 80 sheets of European-style vintage kraft writing paper, adding a touch of sophistication to your written correspondence.

Overall, the Kraft Stationery Set Mockup is an ideal addition to anyone’s stationery collection, whether for personal use or as a gift. Purchase the set online today and experience the beauty of vintage stationery for yourself.

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