If you want to protect your photos, painting or virtually artworks? Top 12 Free Photo Frame Mockup will help you keep them secure and enhance its aesthetic appeal!

As far as artwork is concerned, these photo frames will enhance the beauty of them. Instead of exhibiting photos as it is, you can make it become impressive with a gorgeous photo frame. Therefore, we decide to list the different styles of Top 12 Free Photo Frame Mockup that is top-notch and various shape, color. You can easily design the best frame for your own thanks to this list of mockups. Hope you dig it!

1. Free Girl Showing Photo Frame Design

You can promote your images, the design with a flawless frame. This mockup features a girl holding, which creates a realistic photo. You can also change paper, color as well as add text to suit your requirements. Experience it yourself, you will not miss it.

2. Free Decorated Photo Frame Mockup

If you are seeking a nice frame to create a first impression on clients, this mockup is the best choice for you. This is because that this frame ensures outstanding and realistic demonstrate of your work. You can also add design, text and crop your picture to fit shape of the frame.

3. Free Elegant Photo Frame Mockup

Wow! It is a gorgeous frame with modern color and creative design. You can put it in your house or your company to enhance its visual appeal. If you witness this frame in real life, I believe that you want not to miss it. Besides, you can design it with colors, shapes, smart layers to make the best product.

4. Photo Frames and Posters Mockup Bundle

A nifty frame mockup with a small potted plant and books. This features a man sitting in front of a large river, which makes a natural picture. You can put this mockup in the workroom or study room to decorate it beautifully.

5. Wood Photo Frame Free Mockup

This mockup is a modern and beautiful frame. This frame of picture is wooden, which makes the whole experience very nature-inspired. This mockup is hassle-free to download and design to create the best product for your own.

6. Winter Photo Frame PSD MockUp Template

A good picture needs a frame to make it become attractive and adorable. You can find a frame to protect some photo that is taken in winter. A pane and candle appear as a nice decoration for this frame. You should download right now to use it perfectly.

7. Square Poster Frame Set Mockup

If you want to give a demo frame to the customer to make a first sight, this mockup is one of the nice choices. This frame is designed with a square shape, it is maybe difficult to seek. You can put it on the wall in the house to decorate. Hope you dig it!

8. Photo Frame PSD MockUp Template

Having frames, you can draw the eye of an audience and make an effective ad of your creativity. Here is the nice frame outside with leaves, flowers, which makes photorealistic design. You can also change paper, color to suit your product. You should not miss this mockup.

9. Poster Frame In The Classic Blue Interior

This mockup is one of the sought-after design. Frame is a cool freebie to download for your projects. Besides, you insert a picture on the frame using the smart layers. You can modify color and paper as well as add text to create the best products for your own.

10. Restaurant Indoor Poster Frame Mockup

If you put a frame in the restaurant indoor, you will attract a lot of people’s visual. This frame is put on the wood wall, which makes an impression of a photo.¬†You just have to use the smart object and easily insert your artwork in no time!

11. Poster Frame with Plants Mockup

Instead of displaying photos just a simple frameless art or shot, you can make it look fantastic with gorgeous frames. Here is the wonderful mockup for you, this features the camera, trees, and flowers surrounding the picture frame adds life to your design presentation.

12. Wood Frame Mockup

This frame of picture is wooden material. You can put this frame on the desk to decorate beautifully. You can also modify the color and add text to suit your requirements.


We have just listed Top 12 Free Photo Frame Mockup that is a nice, modern and attractive. You can use a variety of frames that will not just keep your artwork secure but will add charm or sophistication to it. Moreover, you can modify color, paper and even add text to suit your requirements.

You can get more Free Photo Frame Mockup here.

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